Ronald A. Friedman,  has been in the computer field for over 30 years. Ron started his career as a Consultant and Account Manager for the nation's largest professional computer services company (Computer Task Group, Inc.). Then under our previous company, DAMOMICS, Ron  has been installing CounterPoint for over 15 years.  Clients span the retail, distribution, wholesale and manufacturing markets.   DAMOMICS was a top installer for small business with a customer base of about 300 retailers. who are growing their businesses.  Encouraged by, Rick Segal, the author of Retailing For Dummies, Ron does numerous seminars and webinars annually on both Grow Your Business and How to Design a Loyalty Program.

Ron’s premise for success for most retail markets is that the number one item in movement, (quantity “sold”), should not be any item you resell but Gift Cards should be your #1 SKU.


Grow your Business

Businesses desire three things; 1) more referrals, 2) increased customer frequency – this is also known as increasing tickets per “x” (hour, day, week, etc.), and 3) having customers spend more – this is also knows as raising average ticket.  We recommend that business focus on promotions and tasks that will foster these three key goals.

Our premise, "The Gift Card and all its iterations, should be your number one item in movement", is getting national recognition.  The presentation goes through what methods work in a business today, what really are the benefits of Gift Card use to the recipient, the shopper, and the business, and real examples of Gift Cards used in promotions.  We review how some national chains and big boxes use some of these techniques.

This Grow Your Business session brings the attendee through the process of confirming the 3 desires and the psychology of Gift Cards which yields referrals, increased frequency, and customer price insensitivity.   We cover the accounting differences of purchased and promotional Gift Cards.  After covering the background we continue to the main agenda topic – ideas to get more Gift Cards into customer “hands”.  Topics include using Gift Cards and coupon replacement and utilizing Gift Cards as the sales discount.

Attendees will also be able to see samples of successful promotions.  Attendees will also get access to our Gift Card as Average Ticket Booster Calculator.

 Loyalty Programs (Why? and How?)

The National Retail Federation recently reported that the average American adult is a member of eighteen Loyalty Programs.  Customers desire to be members.  Customers want to be recognized for their patronage, receive special notifications, along with special pricing.

Businesses desire loyal customers, who are price insensitive and are great promoters for their businesses.  Businesses want to market directly to these customers, saving time and money.

This seminar takes the attendee through the process of designing a Loyalty Program after covering the history of loyalty programs.  Design steps covered include what rewards should be, how to determine point values, and  examine merits of expiring points.  Also covered are the steps of implementing a Loyalty Program, information to record, methods of gathering, marketing materials needed, timeframes, legalities, promotions, etc.

At the conclusion, attendees will be able to completely implement and design their own unique, great, successful Loyalty Program